Panther Pounded into the ground By Furious Townspeople In Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone Region

A panther that entered a neighborhood was supposedly pounded into the ground by residents after it went after and harmed a man in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone locale on Friday, a backwoods official said.
The occurrence occurred in Chainpur town earlier today, when the catlike, matured around three to four years of age, was purportedly gone after with sticks and stones and killed on the spot, divisional backwoods official Prashant Kumar Singh said.

At first sight, apparently the animal had gone after one Umesh Davar while he was en route to a homestead, he said. The man supported wounds to his hand and was raced to an emergency clinic, where he was directed medical aid and was permitted to leave, the authority said.

Following the occurrence, locals searched for the enormous feline, cornered it, and beat it the tar out of, he said.

A post-mortem examination will be led on the panther to learn the specific reason for death. Notwithstanding, bloodstains were found on the creature’s face and body, the authority said, adding that move will be initiated against individuals liable for the assault after an examination.

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