Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30: Will It Be Visible In India? Here’s How To Watch

The first partial solar eclipse of the year is scheduled to take place this weekend on April 30 and will be visible across parts of the Southern Hemisphere. Interestingly, the partial eclipse on Saturday is coinciding with what is known as the ‘Black Moon‘. The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explained that the ‘Black Moon’ will block out some of the Sun during the day just before and during sunset, causing a partial eclipse.

Where will the eclipse be visible from? 

The eclipse will be visible in certain parts of South America where there are clear skies, said NASA. It will be visible from Chile, Argentina, most of Uruguay, western Paraguay, southwestern Bolivia, southeastern Peru, and a small area of southwestern Brazil. It might also be seen along parts of Antarctica’s northwestern coastline and in the Falkland Islands, and in much of the South Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean, the space agency added.

The first partial eclipse of 2022 will not be visible from India or the United States.

How to watch the partial eclipse online? 

According to, the solar eclipse will be first visible at 12:15pm IST (2:45pm EDT). The maximum eclipse will happen a couple of hours later, at 2:11pm IST (4:41pm EDT). The eclipse will end at 4:07pm IST (6:37pm EDT).

Skygazers can watch the partial solar eclipse via live stream on an India-based YouTube channel. The solar eclipse webcast is expected to run the length of the April 30 solar eclipse, from start to finish.

Meanwhile, as a reminder for skywatchers located within the visibility area, don’t look at the sun directly with naked eyes. As per NASA, it is important to wear special protective eyewear or certified eclipse glasses in order to safely observe the Sun or watch an eclipse. Using the wrong gear or watching the eclipse directly with naked eyes can burn the retinas, causing irreparable damage to the eyes.

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