Philippine Toy Producer Makes Life-Like Pet Plushies For Lamenting Proprietors

MANILA: Philippines toy producer David Tan is overwhelmed with orders from lamenting pet people who need to memorialize their canines, felines, hamsters and hares with stuffed toys or ‘plushies’.
Tan and a group of 20 representatives use photographs sent by clients to make life-like copies of their departed pets utilizing engineered fur that is enhanced with Photoshop to reproduce varieties and markings of the creatures.

The interaction is not the same as taxidermy, which saves the body of the creature, said Tan, proprietor of Pampanga Teddy Bear Processing plant.

“It eliminates that ‘yuck’ factor. This is really 100%, truly a stuffed toy,” he said.

Each plushie costs around 3,500 pesos (US$ 65), which 38-year-old canine darling Jaja Lazarte said is a cost worth paying for the memory of her Shih Tzu.

“Despite the fact that his remains are here, and his recollections are here, it’s such a ton better to see something that truly looks like him,” Lazarte said.

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