Philips TAT3225 BK/94 in-ear TWS review: Stylish earphones for everyday use

Philips recently launched its TAT3225 BK/94 in-ear TWS earphones that are priced at Rs 2,999 and claim to offer a 24-hour battery life. The TWS earphones work on Bluetooth 5.2 and have an in-ear design. Philips touts the earphones' echo cancellation feature. We find out if the earphones are worth buying in our review.


Philips recently launched its TAT3225 BK/94 in-ear TWS earphone that’s priced at Rs 2,999. The new Bluetooth TWS offers up to 24 hours of battery life — 6 + 18 hours in the case. The earphones have a stylish hockey-like design and come with an IPX-4 rating that makes them splash and sweat resistant. It also has 13 mm neodymium drivers, which promise a punchy bass. They, however, do not come with any ear-tips, so users will have to make do with what comes out of the box. The earphones are available on e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart, and in Philips’ retail stores in India. We find out if they are worth the price in this review.

Philips TAT3225 TWS earphones review: Build and design

The TWS earphones which I have reviewed in the past year mostly had a lateral or horizontal design. Philips TAT 3225 stands out in this sense since it has a rather bigger case with a taller structure height-wise. The case has a glossy finish, and as soon as I touched it, my fingerprints were all over the case. However, that does not hamper its function in any way, as the case has an 18-hour battery when the earphones run out of battery.

Inside the case are two earpieces, and both the earpieces have a multifunction button that is responsible for the controls. The earpieces have a hockey stick-like design with long ear stems. The stems have a matte finish with Philips’ branding, and the main earbuds have a glossy finish. The earphones, as well as the case, have a LED indicator when the case is being charged or when the earphone stems go into pairing mode.

The earphones are designed with a multifunctional button on both earphones — that enable users to control calls, music and even activate the voice assistant. The functions work somewhat like this — click on either earpiece once to play or pause music, go to the previous track, click thrice on the right three times. To go to the next track, click twice on either earbud. To pick a call, click on the earbuds once, or to hang up a call, press and hold on either earbud. To enable the voice assistant, click and hold on to either earbud for two seconds. To switch calls, click three times on the left or right earbuds. The controls, however, were not always accurate. For example, the user guide says I have to press twice to forward a track but doing that woke the Google Assistant. Because the controls weren’t always accurate, I had to reach out to my phone to make the changes.

Philips TAT3225 TWS earphones review: Comfort, fit and connectivity

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The earphones, in my experience, were quite comfortable to wear and did not cause any discomfort. They fit in my ears snugly, and I could wear them during my yoga and Zumba sessions, and true to its word, the earphones are sweat and splash resistant owing to their IPX-4 rating. I also wore the earphones during my evening walks when I had a mask on, and they stayed in my ears and did not fall out despite their glossy finish. The earphones are black in colour and have silver stems in a matte finish. This gave them a premium finish, and they did not look toy-like and cheap. However, it cannot be avoided that the earphones do not come with any additional eartips to adjust to its user’s earsize. For me, the fit was comfortable, but it will not be the case for every user.

The earphones run on Bluetooth 5.2 and are easily paired with any compatible device once they are taken out of the case. I mostly used it with my smartphone while listening to music and while watching shows. A voice prompt will notify when the earphones go into pairing mode and when they are connected. They will also notify you when the battery is running low in either earbud.

Philips TAT3225 TWS earphones review: Battery life and sound quality

The Philips TWS 3225 promises 6 hours of battery life with 18 hours of battery in the case, which makes it 24 hours of battery life. The product delivers on its promise as I used it pretty much every day without having to charge it much. The case has a micro-USB type of charging, comes with a micro-USB cable, and requires two hours to charge it fully. Overall the earphones have a good battery and can last you up to 24 hours at a stretch, depending on how much you use them.

Coming to the sound quality, the Philips TWS 3225 has a decent sound quality. The earphones tout 13mm neodymium drivers and promise a punchy bass. Besides the bass, which I felt could have been punchier, I felt the earphones have a sound profile that focuses on the mids and the highs. This especially comes in useful when you want to watch shows or movies or listen to podcasts as the vocals or the voice comes through seamlessly. There was no audio distortion or lag when I used the earphones for watching movies. The earphones promise an acoustic echo cancellation which I figured was to isolate extra sounds. I listened to songs with a heavy-bass profile like Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka, Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz, and songs with more focus on the highs like Brighton Rock from Queen. I also listened to slow numbers like Rehna Tu from Delhi-6 and low-fi Bollywood tracks. The sound was pretty decent for these songs. Although I felt the earphones are ideal for upbeat songs with a high-sound profile. I also used the earphones for audio and video calls and did not experience any trouble. The audio was clear with crisp sound, something which is rare to see in audio wear at this price point.

Philips TAT3225 TWS earphones review: Verdict

The earphones from Philips are a good pair of earphones for something priced under Rs 3,000. These earphones felt comfortable, had a good battery life and sound quality. I wore them for hours without feeling any discomfort. The multifunction button controls, however, were not always accurate. The earphones are quite comfortable and give a premium feel. However, they do not come with any additional ear tips, so users will have to wear what comes out of the box. If you are looking for earphones for around Rs 3,000, that deliver good mids with highs to watch movies and listen to podcasts, you can opt for the Philips 3225 TWS earphones.

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