Police and family searching in Meerut, girl goes to Bihar to marry boyfriend

Meerut, 24 March 2021, Updated 4:17 PM IST

On social media, a story of friendship, love and marriage has come to light from Meerut in UP. According to the information, a girl from Meerut traveled more than 1300 km to meet her lover in Bihar’s Araria district to execute the love that grew after the meeting on Instagram five months ago. After this both were married.

It is being told that Ayesha, a resident of Meerut and a boy from Araria, Bihar, met through social media app Instagram. When their love slowly rose, both of them decided to get married. After which Ayesha went there and marched with the boy from Araria.

Ayesha went missing from college on March 18

Ayesha, a BA student living in Parikshitgarh area of ​​Meerut, disappeared from her college a few days ago. But in reality she did not disappear but went to Araria to meet her lover. The police found a clue of Ayesha missing from Meerut’s college on March 18 in Araria. Ayesha married her boyfriend there.

The students of Meerut College caused a lot of uproar

Ayesha went missing from Meerut College on 18 March. Ayesha went to college to study, but did not return home. Even after a lot of searching, when no clue of Ayesha was found, the students of Meerut College and her family had created a lot of uproar outside the Meerut College on 19 March. After which the police pacified the committing students by assuring them to find Ayesha.

Police found Ayesha’s location in Araria

The police, looking for Ayesha, had found her location in Araria, Bihar. After which the local police went to Araria in search of Ayesha. Upon reaching there, the police came to know that Ayesha has married her Instagram friend Saddam. Since Ayesha is an adult, the police is now trying to make Ayesha’s statement in front of the magistrate in the same court.

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ASP said – both volunteered to marry

In this case, ASP of Cantt Suraj Rai says that three days ago a student was reported missing from Meerut College. Constant efforts were being made to recover it. His location was traced in Araria district of Bihar. When the police team reached there, it was found that she volunteered with a young man. Both are young men and girls. Both of them have created marriage by their own free will. In this regard, necessary legal action is being taken by taking his statement and making his statement in front of the magistrate.

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