PUBG to focus more on survival, less on fights with season 10

UPDATED: December 10, 2020 14:34 IST


  • PUBG is releasing the season 10 for the game on December 16.
  • The new season will bring a new map called “Haven”.
  • Haven will focus on survival strategies more than fights between players.

PUBG, or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, has had an interesting journey in terms of the gameplay and genre. This year alone, PUBG received several enhancements, including new maps to make the game more appealing to people who would want to try it out. This meant introducing several gameplay modes that are not too daunting for novice players because otherwise, veterans are highly skilled at this game. Now, the last update to PUBG this year will introduce a new map called “Haven”, which symbolises a free ground for new players to nurture their skills by engaging in survival activities more than fights.

The PUBG Season 10 is releasing on December 16, bringing a new “Haven” map that is filled with Artificial Intelligence-powered enemies and allows for 32 players to engage. Stressing on how PUBG is changing slowly, PUBG’s new creative head Dave Curd told The Verge that PUBG has managed to stand out among other similar battle royale and first-person shooting games because of these ever-changing gameplay modes and new adventures in the form of maps. “[In] 2020, we made a lot of small maps, mainly because we’re trying to find the range of what’s acceptable,” Curd was quoted as saying.

PUBG is evolved but it needs more

As 2020 comes to an end, PUBG’s Curd has emphasised that the long gunfights and downtime hours are what give the game its “unique” flavour. “I think that’s what we do best that our competitors don’t.” In other words, this means that PUBG has been the most dynamic game featuring a category of gaming and making it so polished that the game gained an edge over others. The small maps and different quests inside them are what Curd thinks made the game a little different for the players, especially from a position where its rivals have not been backing down on their efforts to emulate PUBG.

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PubG Season 10

That is because Curd joined PUBG only years back as an artist after his meaningful stint at Call of Duty developer Raven Software. But it was only a few months back when he assumed the position as creative head for PUBG Studio in Wisconsin, US. The previous creative head for PUBG, Brendan Greene quit last year to work on a new project. For Curd, it is important to envision what PUBG as an evolved game has come to be and what exactly the game is. This involves looking at things that make interesting for people who are not skilled at gunfights.

Curd said that people in his team are “always curious” to know what lies beyond the blue circle. The blue circle limits the playing area from time to time to help the winning team emerge after being the last one standing. “We don’t see the game of PUBG as a giant team deathmatch with a shrinking circle. We see it as a survival experience,” said Curd. The main point here is that the player has to survive the longest, more than they have to kill enemies in the game.

“If you think about PUBG, we’ve got really deep, interesting gunplay, and I think that’s contributed to our staying power. But if you analyze a match of PUBG, a very small percentage of your time is actually spent shooting. Most of the time you’re in survival phase,” Curd told The Verge.

What does the PUBG Season 10 bring?

Now Curd wants to make this survival phase even more interesting with season 10. Although a rather challenging job, Curd wants to make PUBG more hospitable to new players who are otherwise veered away by veterans in the game. Curd wants to create a “safe haven” for rookies in the game and that would involve shifting the game’s focus to survival. The “Haven” map in season 10 will come with more interactions for players outside of gunfights. The AI-based soldiers will guard “valuable gear”, giving players a choice if they want to take a risk and engage in the fight or just move on. The new map will also have a tactical parachute to explore the dense map.

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Adding to why survival has become necessary in PUBG, Curd said, “You think about a new user who joins PUBG today. They download it, they boot it up: the players they’re encountering are very challenging to compete with.”
And since PUBG wants to offer something to every player, Curd has a strong reason why the blue circle cannot really define PUBG anymore. “All of the players that have been here for years have amazing recoil control, they really understand how to follow the circle, and they’re just amazing veterans. So if you’re a new user, I think it’s really difficult. The game has a really steep learning curve. So we’re playing with this in season 10 by giving more adventures to get into and more ways to get out of trouble.”

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