Rajasthan: The young man who went to meet his girlfriend was beaten with an iron rod, also fed urine

Barmer, 24 March 2021, Updated 2:15 PM IST

In Rajasthan, the Gehlot government is constantly surrounded by questions about law and order. Now once again a new case has raised many questions on the law and order of the Gehlot government. These days, a video is going viral on social media in which the young man is being beaten with an iron rod. Also, he is being fed urine in a water pot. It is being told that the young man had gone to meet his girlfriend, on which the family members of the girl were enraged and thrashed.

This video is being told about 15 days old. After the video went viral, the police called the victim and filed a report. In this case, the victim has made serious allegations against 4 people in total. In this case, the victim is accused of entering someone’s house. It is being told that the incident took place on 8 March. The young man went to Koshalu village to meet a girl, due to which the family members of the girl and the people of the village got angry and beaten. 

Sindhri police station officer says that for the last two-three days, a video was going viral on social media in which the young man was being beaten as well as giving him something to drink. Investigation has found that the boy works as a driver. He is a resident of Sindhri police station area of ​​Barmer district. Two accused named Hiraram and Jogaram have been confirmed. When this video was confirmed, it was found that this video is from Vishnu temple Kolu village of Sindhri police station area.

Police has registered an FIR. Also, several teams have been formed to apprehend the accused. Police officer Sindhri says that the matter has come to the notice. Police is investigating the case. Also, strict action will be taken against whoever is found guilty.

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