Realme MagDart may be faster than Apple’s MagSafe but its success will depend on universal adoption

Realme launched the MagDart earlier this week and it does look promising for the world of Android phones.


Realme is leading the way when it comes to bringing new features to smartphone charging. The Chinese company, at an event held on Tuesday, launched MagDart, a magnetic wireless charging technology for Realme phones. MagDart is essentially Realme’s take on Apple MagSafe. And the company knows full well it has not invented anything here. But while it appreciated Apple for “heralding” the new way of smartphone charging, Realme also said MagDart is a lot faster than MagSafe, but that is not going to make it sell.

MagDart is more like a big upgrade to the MagSafe even though they both target different sets of phones. While MagSafe is going to be available on the iPhone only, except if Apple decides to make some of its products support it, MagDart is totally built around Android. What this means is it is not meant for just Realme phones, any brand can tweak the technology, put a sticker of the name they coin, and start selling it on the market.

Realme’s MagDart, currently, is not even available as the company said it is working on a compatible phone for that. I am guessing the release is not happening anytime soon. And because Realme’s MagDart is not readily available in the market, other brands have an opportunity here. The opportunity to bring MagDart to their phones. Brands such as Xiaomi or Samsung might as well put magnetic wireless charging to their phones and create their own respective ecosystems. That would be very much like the Apple way: creating products that are centred in a brand’s ecosystem.

The other way is to create universally compatible products, which brings us to adoption. Think of MagDart as a go-to solution for magnetic wireless charging on any possible Android phone. It could be a phone from Samsung, or a Xiaomi phone, a ZTE phone, a Huawei phone, and so forth. It doesn’t matter what phone a customer is using, it will support one standard for magnetic wireless charging that is called MagDart. And because the standard is common, accessories that leverage this technology will not need to have unique compatibility. Realme offers MagDart in 15W and 50W charging speed variants, which means even if any other brand does not want to bring high-speed wired charging to its phones, it can conveniently go with MagDart.

Realme announced a few accessories that its upcoming Flash phone will support through the MagDart technology. These include a power bank, a beauty light ring, and a wallet. Obviously, all of these MagDart products are going to support Realme’s MagDart phones, but when we are talking about universality, each brand that sells Android phones and is willing to launch magnetic charging on them should also be compatible.

That is how the adoption is going to grow for Realme’s MagDart technology. As soon as MagDart leaves the home and goes on to be available on phones by each brand, Realme will have something so successful even Apple will need to think about it. Realme’s chatter around MagSafe being slower and less reliable is not going to help it become the Apple of Android phones. It is the adoption of its MagDart technology that is going to do that.


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