Requires courage when you are treated unfairly: Mithali Raj on feud with Ramesh Powar

Opening up on her feud with ex-India coach Ramesh Powar during the 2018 T20 World Cup, former India captain Mithali Raj revealed that she had to overcome a “moment of hurt, anger, frustration, and irritation” during the time.

The 39-year old, who recently called it quits to a 23-year long illustrious career, was left out of the playing XI during the semi-final of the T20WC against England in the Caribbean. The call eventually led to Powar’s removal at the time.

Looking back at the incident in a recent interview with India Today, Raj said, “When you find yourself in the middle of chaos, you can’t really think straight because you are feeling all sorts of emotions, even if you want to internalise and think from your brain and not from your heart.”

“It would still be like you are hurting, so you will probably never have clarity if you are in chaos. I had to be in the best possible space in my mind to go out there and give my best. So, for me to be in that good mental space, I had to overcome or get through that moment of hurt, anger, frustration, irritation and eventually did, because I realised my purpose was not to be involved in that moment for long.”

Raj, who is also a two-time World Cup runner-up, mentioned that the moment eventually taught her a life lesson.

“In cricket, when you score a hundred, the next day you again have to start from the beginning, you don’t start from hundred. Obviously, that phase did hurt me a little bit but I overcame and that is why I was able to give the performance I did in the last year and half. I was able to overcome those emotions.”

Following the incident back in 2018, the BCCI had spoken separately to Powar, Raj and the T20 captain Harmanpreet Kaur.

“Sometimes, it is okay to be quiet. It also requires a lot of courage when you are treated unfairly… everybody knows only one side of the story and when you feel that way it is fine because, at the end of the day, I am someone who is goal-oriented,” Raj concluded.

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