“Residing In Fantasy world”: Elon Musk Censures Telecommuting

Elon Musk is getting down on individuals who telecommute, saying an attack against those should appear at work.
Tesla Inc’s. CEO said Tuesday that starting up the PC from home brings down efficiency and furthermore conveys some unacceptable message to assembly line laborers and different representatives that don’t have that choice.

“Individuals fabricating the vehicles, overhauling the vehicles, building houses, fixing houses, making the food, making everything that individuals eat. It’s screwed up to expect to be that, indeed, they need to go to work, yet you don’t,” he said in that frame of mind with CNBC. “It’s not only an efficiency thing, I believe it’s ethically off-base.”

Musk has been areas of strength for a for get back to-office strategies and gave a final proposal to Tesla workers the previous summer, expecting representatives to spend at least 40 hours in the workplace each week.

“The PC class is living in fantasy world,” he told CNBC.

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