Russia Blames US For Being Behind Supposed Kremlin Robot Assault

Russia blamed the US on Thursday for being behind what it says was a robot assault on the Kremlin expected to kill President Vladimir Putin.
Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov made the claim in a preparation to correspondents, saying Washington ought to know that Russia realized it was choosing the objectives and Ukraine was only executing US plans. He gave no proof to help the case of US contribution.

Ukraine has denied contribution in the episode in the early long stretches of Wednesday, when video film showed two flying items moving toward the Kremlin and one detonating with a brilliant blaze.

The Kremlin has said it claims all authority to fight back, however has not expressed out loud whatever structure this could take.

Peskov said Russia had a few choices and the reaction, when it came, would be painstakingly thought of and adjusted. He said a dire examination was in progress, yet couldn’t say when the outcomes would be known.

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