Russian Woman Arrested For Selling Her Five-Day-Old Baby To Pay For Nose Job: Report

A Russian woman was recently arrested for selling her newborn baby to pay $3,581 (Rs 286,163) for a nose job. The 33-year-old woman, whose name has not been disclosed, gave birth to a baby boy on April 25 and she reportedly sold him off just five days later to a local couple looking to become parents.

According to Daily Star, the woman was taken into custody in late May on suspicion of human trafficking. Russian officials revealed that she gave birth at a hospital in the southern city of Kaspiysk. However, later, she met with a local resident and agreed to hand over her newborn son for a reward of 200,000 rubles ($3,200).

As per the outlet, on the day she handed the baby over, the 33-year-old issued the new parents a “waiver for the rights to the child”. In return, she received a small payment of $360.

Weeks later, on May 26, the woman reportedly received the rest of the money, however, the police were tipped off a short time later. The Russian mother was then taken into custody, along with the pair who illegally adopted the newborn boy.

Following the arrest, the new parents told the police that the 33-year-old woman gave them the baby and his birth certificate. The couple denied paying directly for the baby. They reportedly revealed that the mother had only asked for $3,200 for the cost of a nose job for “better breathing”, which they were happy to oblige.

As per Daily Star, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Dagestan, in a statement, said that the 33-year-old woman “is suspected of committing a crime under paragraph ‘h’ of Part 2 of Art. 127.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (purchase and sale committed in relation to a person who is in a state of helplessness, known to the guilty person).”

The statement continued, “The suspect was detained in accordance with Art. 91 and 92 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.”

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Further, the officials also informed that currently, a series of investigative actions are being carried out, aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime committed and consolidating evidence of the suspect’s guilt.

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