Sailfish Leaps Out Of Water, Stabs 73-Year-Old Woman In US: Report

A 73-year-old woman was stabbed by a sailfish that leaped out of water off the coast of Florida. The incident took place last week when the Katherine Perkins was standing in a boat while two of her friends attempted to reel it in, according to a report in Fox News. Quoting Martin County Sheriff’s Office, the outlet said that the fish struck the woman in her groin area with its bill. The coast where the incident took place, is located two miles north of the Palm Beach, the sheriff’s office said.

Ms Perkins’ companions rushed her to a local hospital for treatment. She is reported to be in critical condition.

Stuart, the small town close to the place where Ms Perkins was stabbed, is known as the sailfish capital of the world. The women had caught the 100-pound sailfish while sailing on the boat.

Ms Perkins’ friends were pulling the fish in on a fishing line when it suddenly jumped out of water and attacked the 73-year-old. Ms Perkins told the police that the incident happened so quickly that she didn’t have time to react, Fox News said in its news report.

Sailfish are one of the fastest fish species and like swordfish, a long, rounded spear extending from its snout. They can grow upto 11 feet.

The sailfish are strong fighters and known to deep dive. They mainly feed on other fish.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the sailfish are categorised into two sub-species: The Indo-Pacific sailfish and the Atlantic sailfish.

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