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SEO ERRORS that take away the Rankings

SEO Errors To Avoid

If you want to keep your ranking up with Google’s updates, there are some SEO errors that you should avoid. Stuffing the Keywords. If you want to create more content, don’t overcrowd keywords in your text by finding new ways of saying the same thing. This is never going to help you with Rankings.

Avoid below SEO mistakes errors to rank your website higher and get a boost on your return on investment:-

  1. Don’t provide low value or thin content pages in your website: If you had submitted the website pages which have grammatical errors or few words like 50 words per page and low value to the users, Search Engine will devalue these kinds of pages and domains.
  2. Duplicate Meta tags and missing Meta tags issue: Don’t copy Meta title tags, Meta descriptions from your competitors. It is not a good practice, Panda doesn’t like this. Give a unique title to your page and attractive fresh description. To help increase your CTR you can have Meta tags for every single page of your website with this your pages get rank on SERPS.
  3. The density of the keywords: If optimized pages of your website are stuffed with keywords then you are putting yourself in a position to get slapped. Try to get only 1% to 2% keywords density page.
  4. Content is not fresh: Million of websites in the market, thousands of them are fresh; others have duplicate content in large form. Any of the About Us page, privacy policy, terms and conditions, product pages, categories, etc shouldn’t have duplicate content. For Google to find something unique on your website for e.g.: SEO Services  – you need to provide unique and evergreen content to your website.
  5. Broken links: The websites having a large number of crawling errors (404 not found) or broken links results and forces the search engines to think that you don’t care about your visitors or users. Hence, your pages come down on SERPs.
  6. Unrealistic site structure: If the design of your site is not good, having high bounce rate, lower conversion rate and the structure of the site seem unrealistic then your site pages will be harder to rank on search engine. Design your website from good developers which give a professional look with attractive colors, creative content and mobile responsive.
  7. Page speed: If your homepage or internal pages are taking too much time to open, It creates the bad user experience and the Google robots consider this when taking your site.
  8. Too much use of heading tags: Many SEO Service professionals in India use more than H1 and H2 tags in the post with rich-anchor text. It is a bad idea while doing optimization. Use Heading 1 and heading 2 tags only once with relevant keyword ideas not more than that.
  9. Missing image ALT tags: Use your main keyword in Images Alt Tags, the Search engine has no idea what your image is about. They can understand the code; they don’t see your beautiful photography.
  10. Ignoring internal links: Lot of webmasters optimize their site successfully but some of them ignoring Internal linking as per Google guideline. We have to interlinks all content with relevant keywords. As you see the list of on-page SEO mistakes and issues in above lines. After fixing these on-page issues it points to give best user experience and crawler.

Also, keep in mind to build a trust flow with leading search engines one must promote its content pages on social networking sites. Your website may make a backward move if you ignore social media and can cause trouble in frequent indexing of your website. So, try to be active on social media and share your site content in a routine.

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