Small Town Giver: Wins Big – Taya Langley

The unexpected, happened Sunday evening December 24, 2021. A woman from a small town in the mountainous hills of Pennsylvania won ten million on a $1 lottery ticket. Taya Langley the winner of the ticket, was shocked unbelievable when she took what she thought was a $5 winner back to the Win Dixi convenience store to cash the ticket. “Never, in my life would I have ever imagined something like this happening to me.” Taya Langley expresses. Taya Langley is a veterinarian at the Paws Emergency Animal Clinic, going on 20years. Town locals say Taya Langley is the town’s biggest giver, always helping people and animals alike whenever and however she can. “If anyone is deserving of it it’s Taya Langley,” stated Marianne Jackson a longtime friend and next-door neighbour of Taya Langley

When asked how it feels to be a millionaire, Taya Langley stated,” I don’t feel any different than I have ever felt. I am the same person I have always been money can’t change that.” When asked what she is has planned for the big win Taya Langley did not hesitate, she already had that well thought out and was ready to answer. “It’s going to help me give back, with a great cause. I am going to buy a decent-sized farm, rescue animals will be welcomed. The farm will be a haven not just for rescued animals, but to better help people as well. She chuckles a little light-hearted, full of excitement passion, and continues to say a rescue for all. Providing therapy such and physical, mental, and emotional between humans and animals. A win-win!”

Taya went on to say she also wanted to give back to the community she lived in, by funding the local volunteer emergency crews. “Our Ems and small fire department both will receive a donation of 10,000 to assist them with purchasing necessary supplies. After all thsafeese men and woman put their lives on the line for free, to help and ensure our community is healthy and . Knowing they too have families at home, praying they return safely after each emergency call.” It is heard on them being in a small town the fundraisers, barely help to cover needed supplies, there quite expensive, Taya Langley explains. The 10,000 a piece will help them continue to be supplied to assist us when the need arises.

Taya Langly states, “I’m no saint by any means, just a woman who is enthusiastic about helping for the betterment of all where I can. I have been blessed to have won the ten million dollars; a great Christmas present indeed. It was meant to be for a reason that I won it. Not just to keep for personal or selfish reasons, but to help and to spread love, hope, and joy. All year and not just this during the holiday seasons either, but every day of the year.’

The first time ever in the history of this town has this ever happened, a local winning big in the lottery. Town officials state, ‘That this will be a Christmas story, told ongoing years from now. The story that started the birth of the town’s Rescue Haven Farm and how it came to be.” A heartwarming reminder of what the season of giving stands for. More than receiving, giving, and wanting things, beyond the lights, chaos, scurrying, and stressing. It is all about the heart, caring, and loving unselfishly.

 Even though this small-town woman Taya Langly won big, she did not go let it go to her head. She instead let herself find an outlet for dreaming big while helping others prosper.

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