Stranger Things 4: Metallica’s tribute to Eddie leaves fans emotional, Joseph Quinn says concert scene was his ‘adolescent fantasy of being a rockstar’

Eddie Munson’s “most metal ever” concert in Stranger Things season 4 is surely going down in the history of the horror-supernatural show. From being one of the most notorious characters to becoming a fan favourite, Eddie has had quite the journey. Eddie exited performing to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”. While the entire sequence is being listed among the greatest moments of Stranger Things, it’s even received a thumbs-up from the heavy metal band itself.

Fans of Eddie Munson and Metallica were in for a huge surprise when the group on Saturday got together to pay tribute to Eddie via TikTok. Calling it “Metallica duetting with Eddie Munson on Master of Puppets!” the social media accounts of Netflix posted a video where legendary band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo got into the Hellfire Club T-shirts and rocked out the particular track, leaving fans across the world emotional and excited.

Eddie Munson, played by actor Joseph Quinn, was introduced in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 as a kind of a bully, who intimidates Dustin and Mike and his high school mates, as the leader of the Hellfire Club. But Chrissy getting possessed by Vecna and dying ruthlessly in front of his eyes, changed the course of Eddie’s character graph.

As the prime suspect of Chrissy’s death and being on the run, he befriends Dustin and his friends in their fight against Vecna. When the group returns to Upside Down to willingly take down the villain, Eddie performs the Metallica number atop his trailer to distract Demobats. He later dies in the arms of Dustin to prove his bravery and ensure the safety of his town, Hawkins. Eddie’s short, yet impactful appearance in the show left social media flooding with tributes and appreciation for actor Joseph Quinn.

Stranger Things Season 4 eddie munson joseph quinn Joseph Quinn is winning hearts for playing Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4. (Photo: Netflix)Speaking about the tsunami of fan-love, Joseph told in a video posted by Netflix Geeked, “I remember reading it and thinking. It was kind of confusing because I was gutted that I was not going to be able to come back and work with these people (co-stars) again because we had such a great time. But if there’s a way to go out, it’s a pretty good one.”

Agreeing that it didn’t feel that epic when they were filming the concert portion, Joseph called the sequence his “adolescent fantasy of being a rockstar.” He said it was like a dream come true.

“I didn’t think I’ll ever be able to fulfill this quite adolescent fantasy of being a rockstar, albeit maybe just for an afternoon. I remember just finding it so much fun,” he said.

Viewers first got a fleeting glimpse of Eddie’s guitar moment in the trailer of volume two. Though fans were left guessing the track Eddie is playing to save his friends in Upside Down, they surely had a feeling that it was going to be a major scene. And they weren’t wrong.

Joseph agreed that he knew as an audience member, the stakes were very high in terms of living up to the level of the show’s fixation of weaving incredible moments. He stated, “As a concept, for them (makers) to come up with that (was great). The stakes are so high and you feel them as an audience member, but to have that kind of absurdity and that levity in it really makes for great viewing.”

Joseph Quinn revealed he knows how to strum a guitar in real life and that came handy during its filming. He said, “I did play as a kid, so I kind of had a foundation there. Most of it is me. We had this very talented guitarist called Aiden to come in to do solo. Other than that, it was me. I had a bash at it.”

While fans have been petitioning online for the return of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 5, its makers The Duffer Brothers have not confirmed anything. But given how characters return in the show from the dead, either through flashbacks or some evil resurrection, it’s never say never (for now at least)!

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