Superman and Wonder Woman are in Kashmir. Netizens are not happy

In an animated video that has been doing the rounds, superheroes Superman and Wonder Woman can be seen ‘solving’ the Kashmir ‘dispute’. Netizens are not happy and the video has drawn flak online.


Superman and Wonder Woman are in Kashmir, ‘solving’ the ‘dispute’.

In a video that has been doing the rounds of the internet, the Valley has been mentioned as a ‘disputed’ area. And the two superheroes are there to ‘solve’ the dispute.

This has angered a lot of people online. While it is not clear who made the video, the official YouTube channel of DC Comics has not endorsed it yet.

The clip shows Superman stopping a genocidal war that is being waged by the government of a fictional country, M’gota against its people.

Superman and Wonder Woman are seen destroying every piece of military equipment so that Kashmir can be declared as an arms-free zone.

For the unversed, Superman and Wonder Woman are characters from the DC Comics universe and are considered amongst the most powerful superheroes on earth.

The voice-over in the clip said Kashmir is a ‘disputed area. This hasn’t gone down well with netizens.

The clip was uploaded on Twitter by The Bite, an online news portal. “Developing story: In DC’s new film “Injustice”, Superman declares Kashmir an arms-free zone, “ read the caption of the post.

Watch the video here:

The video, after being uploaded, has been viewed over 1.3 lakh times. Netizens were just not happy with the depiction of Kashmir and called it out for being blatantly wrong.

“How about Superman, Wonder Woman & DC doing something about Afghanistan,” a user said.

Another user commented, “Superman had a huge fan base in India, now be ready to lose it”.

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