Temporary Church Buildings and Modular Churches in the USA

Large congregations need space and church and sanctuary buildings offer affordable, pleasing to the eye options for sanctuary space large enough to accommodate worship, study, and youth program rooms. With clear span fabric structures, temporary church building structures can focus on growing their community without worrying about changing locations. With an average cost of 30 percent less than steel buildings, pre-engineered church building structure offer affordable solutions for growing church congregations in a down economy. If your church structure is ready for a new sanctuary or family-life center, a custom building is an economical choice to make it happen. Within a matter of weeks, your new permanent sanctuary or event tent can be delivered and installed on almost any surface. The pre-engineered structures feature a safe, flame-retardant membrane and are installable with minimal foundation preparation, works with church leaders as much as necessary to obtain the proper permits, prepare the site and complete construction.

Brief History of Paper Dome [Japan].

“Paper Dome” is a temporary church building constructed using paper tubes as structural elements. It was designed on a pro-bono basis by “Shigeru Ban”, internationally known Japanese architect who is renowned for his paper tube structures and buildings. This temporary church building structures was built on September 17, 1995, to serve as a temporary church building for Takatori Catholic Church after the Great Hanshin earthquake. Nonetheless, the venue was not only limited for use to religious worship but also used as a place for communal gatherings. However, when the church community planned to build a permanent building, the structure was donated to Taomi Village in Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan which had suffered the 921 earthquakes in 1999. The deconstructed structure was shipped in 2006 to Taiwan, reconstructed there and is now one of the top tourist attractions in that area.

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