Terrible situation in Sri Lanka, women forced to have sex in exchange for food and medicines

The economic situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse day by day. People are finding it difficult to drive to their homes. Even food and medicines have become scarce. Due to this, prostitution has increased rapidly here in the last few days. Many women here are forced to become sex workers to feed their stomachs. Sex work is going on indiscriminately here under the guise of Ayurvedic Spa Center.

These spa centers are being turned into temporary brothels by putting curtains and beds for clients. According to reports, most of the women associated with the sex industry are coming from the textile industry. There was work till January, but after that due to the deteriorating economy of the country, he had to come to this business. According to Sri Lanka’s daily newspaper The Morning, women employed in the textile industry are turning to prostitution as an alternative employment due to the fear of job loss and the country’s poor economy. Due to this the textile sector is getting worse.

A sex worker told the newspaper, ‘We have heard that we may lose our jobs due to the economic crisis in the country and the best option we are looking at at the moment is sex work.’ The woman said, “Earlier our monthly salary was around Rs 28,000 and with overtime we could earn a maximum of Rs 35,000 but by engaging in sex work, we earn more than Rs 15,000 every day. Not everyone will agree with me, but it’s true. UK’s The Telegraph also claimed in a report that Colombo saw a 30 percent increase in the number of women engaging in sex work since January this year. Has been. See also  China is spreading debt network, will the condition of many countries like Sri Lanka? According to the report, these women come from the hinterland of Colombo who earlier worked in the textile industry.

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These reports have cited the Stand Up Movement Lanka (SUML), an advocacy group for sex workers in Sri Lanka. The report quoted SUML Executive Director Ashila Dandenia as saying that these women bear the burden of their children, parents and siblings. Sex work is ‘one of the very few businesses left in Sri Lanka that generates a lot of money very quickly.’ There are many reasons for the increase in prostitution, the most prominent of which is inflation. The shortage of fuel, food and medicines in this troubled country has made the situation even more depressing for women. Several reports also suggest that women are forced to have sex with local shopkeepers in return for essentials like food and medicines.

The prostitution trade is reportedly being promoted in the industrial area near Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport. In lieu of this protection, the brothel owners force the women to sleep with the police personnel. Reports also claim that these helpless women are forced to have unprotected sex at the request of clients. Not only this, these women often also have to face abuse and beatings of customers.

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