The day the girlfriend broke up, on the same day a 30 million lottery won by the young man

No one knows when a person's fate changes. A recent example of this was seen in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where a man's girlfriend left him.

Updated: Tuesday, January 27, 2021, 04:33 [IST]

No one knows when a person’s fate changes. A recent example of this was seen in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where a man’s girlfriend left him. Due to which he remained upset all day, but his fate changed that day and he became a millionaire. He himself could not believe that he would get such a sudden happiness in this difficult time.

According to the breakup John (name changed) on January 15, he was living in a live-in with his girlfriend for a long time. On January 15, there was some rift between them and the girlfriend left them forever. After this, his mood was very bad. He could not understand what to do, so he immediately got up and started checking his lottery. Then it was suddenly revealed that he had won the £ 3 million lottery. According to India, this amount will be around 30 crores.

John, who had been bathing for a long time, told that he thought he was dreaming, in which his lottery was set up. After this, he immediately went to the bathroom and took a long bath with cold water. After this, he came back and checked the lottery. Then he realized that this dream is not a reality and he has got a big jackpot in his hands. After the lottery, all of John’s gums turned into happiness

Four days later, John reached the lottery office. On January 19, John reached the office of the National Lottery Operator. He then put up a claim to win with lottery tickets there. During investigation, all his documents were found correct. Speaking to the media, John said that I am still not convinced that I have won this lottery. I was upset due to the end of a relationship but now all the problems have gone away.

Will not leave job John told that he used to work in finance sector. Now they have got such a huge amount in their hands, but they have no plans to retire yet. They will invest the won money. He also plans to donate. He told that he is waiting for his retention package and bonus, because he has worked hard for this. They no longer want to quit the job suddenly and lose that package.


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