The most ordered food item on Zomato this year is…

With 2022 nearing its end, brands are releasing their yearly reports to capture the mood and interests of Indians across various domains throughout the yard. In keeping with the same, Zomato on Wednesday shared its annual trends report that gave an interesting peek into the food habits of people, and also revealed the most ordered food item on the app!

Well, no prizes for guessing as it is the much-loved biryani. Zomato revealed that biryani was, once again, the most-ordered dish of the year with customers ordering 186 biryani every minute in 2022! “Biryani proved to be the GOAT (quite literally) this year too. We delivered 186 of them every minute,” it wrote. Biryani was followed by pizza with 139 of this Italian dish delivered per minute this year.

Earlier, Swiggy’s annual report also stated that biryani was the most ordered dish on the app this year with 137 orders placed every minute.

Zomato also revealed that their biggest foodie ordered food worth Rs 28,59,611 over the year. “This is just Rs 36,42,17,44,48,389 less than the cost of Twitter. Yes, we did the math,” it wrote. On the other hand, a person from Mumbai made the highest amount of savings of Rs 2,43,490 on total orders placed in 2022.

Wondering who made the highest number of orders in 2022? It is a customer named Ankur from Delhi who placed 3,330 orders this year. “That’s precisely 9.1232876712 times a day,” Zomato revealed.

Another customer named Rahul is credited for ordering the most cakes this year. Further, Tina from Kharagpur made an astonishing order of pizzas worth Rs 25,455 in a single go.

Additionally, the city that loved discounts the most in 2022 was Raiganj from West Bengal, where 99.7 per cent of orders had a promo coupon applied.

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The online food-ordering app made a funny revelation of the most hilarious questions searched on Zomato. They are:

*Oreo pakoda with 4, 988 searches
*Elon Musk food with 724 searches
*Ye Kohli kya khata hai with 1 search

Prior to this, Swiggy’s report had shared that India’s taste buds explored foreign flavours this year with ravioli (Italian) and bibimbap (Korean) emerging as popular choices.

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