The Mysticism of two Superlative and most Significant Planets of the Solar System

Updated 22nd December 2020 | 16:08 IST

In what was an electrifying cricket match in the full display within the four-fold cricket stadium of New Zealand, between the host and the visiting team of Pakistan, Things instantaneously changed, as after a blistering knock played by Hafeez for Pakistan, the host took control of the match, riding on the sublime performance of Tim Seifert and Kane Williamson.

New Zealand was cruising to a possible victory, and the cameramen’s dotted all along the entire landscape, snapping every possible shot within their role that they found phenomenal.

But among them, there was one cameraman, who had something more than in his destiny to click, rather than just snapping shots and wickets. He took a snap of something Mystic and mid-boggling event that trended on the Internet for the rest of the day, and also days that too be followed. In a single frame, he snapped the picture of both Jupiter and Saturn, who in centuries and have come closer within each other’s vicinity and gave a joyous moment for the cameraman as well, for the entire world, as the Internet flooded with comments and Gaga’ over this mystic snapshot.

Both Jupiter and Saturn, are two humongous planets in the entire solar system and they both are set to align with each other, as per NASA, these two planets will come close to each other on December 21, and somewhat at December 22 as well. Their alignment would cause a potential “conjunction”. This piece of news and pic even trended on Twitter as well.  In the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, Jupiter and Saturn will cross within .1 degrees of each other (a fraction of the width of the full moon), overlapping to form a ‘double planet when seen from Earth.

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