The Umbrella Academy Season 3 review round-up: Critics praise the show for handling Elliot Page’s transition with ‘greatest care’

The third season of Umbrella Academy released on Wednesday, and the first reviews suggest that this could be the best season of the Netflix series so far. Based on the comic book series of the same name, this season incorporates the real-life transition of Elliot Page into the show and if the reviews are to be believed, this has been handled gently.

Calling The Umbrella Academy Season 3 an “excellent” season, The Verge’s Charles Pulliam-Moore wrote, “The Umbrella Academy opens itself up to a slew of new possibilities with a fresh yet familiar story about found families figuring out what really matters to them in life.”

The AV Club’s Jenna Scherer praised the third season and wrote that the show “has become the cultiest of cult favorites.” The review further read, “The Umbrella Academy, vitally, reserves the greatest care for the story of Vanya, played by Oscar nominee Elliot Page. The writers map the actor’s real-life transition onto his character, as the queer awakening he experienced back in the 1960s leads Vanya to becoming Viktor. The show deftly handles the conversations Viktor has with each of his family members about his transition, as well as showcases the way he comes into his own throughout the season.”

Collider’s Nate Richard called it an “intimate and beautifully bizarre third outing”. A part of the review read, “At its core, The Umbrella Academy Season 3 feels like the anthesis to the traditional superhero story. Much like The Boys tackles politics and capitalism under the guise of capes and blood, The Umbrella Academy dives into themes of personal struggle and the complicated nature of familial relationships through superpowers and time travel. It’s the superhero story that speaks to the inner-weirdo in everyone.”

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IGN’s Alex Stedman, on the other hand, mentioned that the latest season of The Umbrella Academy “requires a tad bit of patience to see its vision through”.

ComicBook.com’s Spencer Perry called The Umbrella Academy Season 3 the “weakest season of a still-great series”. “Perhaps the biggest issue with Umbrella Academy Season 3 is that with some frequency, pieces of the story seem to take place off-screen, and even between episodes. This only happens in the early parts of the season, which also have another larger issue, in that they’re built on the tired narrative trope of characters simply not sharing information with each other,” the review read.

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