Three effective ways to lose weight without counting your calories

"The truth is that there are numerous ways to reduce weight without ever counting a single calorie," Bhakti Kapoor, a nutritionist, wrote on Instagram.

Often, people who are on a weight loss journey end up getting obsessed with their calorie intake. While it is crucial to have a check on the same, “it is incorrect to assume that calories are the main reason people gain or lose weight,” Bhakti Kapoor, a nutritionist, wrote on Instagram adding that “the situation is even more complicated than that”.

Explaining the same, she added, “Distinct foods have different effects on appetite and hormones, and not all calories are created equal. The truth is that there are numerous ways to reduce weight without ever counting a single calorie. You can lose a lot of weight without counting calories by adopting a few easy modifications that optimise hormones, reduce appetite, and enhance metabolism.”

So, what should you do instead of frantically tracking your calories? Kapoor suggested the following three methods. Take a look.

“I know you roll your eyes when you hear ‘portion control‘ but I can guarantee 95 per cent of people don’t know what a portion is (not the same as a serving),” she said, suggesting these “handy” portions when building your plate.

*A serving of protein: 1 palm
*A serving of vegetables: 1 fist
*A serving of carbs: 1 cupped hand
*A serving of fats: 1 thumb

According to the Cambridge dictionary, portion control is “the process of making sure that the amount of food you eat for each meal is not too large, especially when you are trying to lose weight”.

Eat slowly and stop when you are full

She suggested chewing each mouthful 10+ times and putting your fork down between bites. “You don’t have to finish your plate just because it is in front of you if you are full. Don’t worry, this probably isn’t the last chance you’ll ever get to eat,” she said.

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Simple swaps

Making some simple swaps in your diet can help you with weight loss. Kapoor suggested switching these commonly eaten foods for less calorie-dense versions.

*Switch fattier cuts of meat for leaner serves
*Replace starchy carbs with vegetables.
*Pick the fun-sized version of treats.

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