Honey Singh’s Girlfriend Tina Thadani Biogrpahy and Career

The actress Tina Thadani has had a very interesting life. Not only has she been on the Hollywood screen, but she’s also been on the club scene. Her nightlife partner is the famous Bollywood actor Honey Singh. She’s even had a divorce. But now, she’s back and in a happy relationship.

Tina Thadani


If you are a fan of Honey Singh, then you are probably aware that the singer is dating model Tina Thadani. The pair have been spotted interacting together and making public appearances. These photos have been widely circulated on social networking sites.

Tina is an actress and model and currently resides in Mumbai. She recently made an appearance in Honey Singh’s song ‘Paris Ka Trip’. In the video, she danced along with the rapper to his hit song.

Earlier this year, the two attended an event in Delhi. They were spotted twinning in black outfits. This led to rumors that the pair were dating. A few months later, Honey Singh introduced Tina as his new girlfriend.

Since then, their relationship has been well-documented on social media. In December, they made a public appearance together in a music video. As the video went viral, it was trolled on various netizen sites.

However, last month, Honey Singh confirmed that he and Tina are dating. He also said that she suggested the title of the album.


Tina Thadani is an actress and model who lives in Mumbai, India. She has also directed a short film called ‘The Leftovers’. The short film is about the struggle of a lower-income group in Mumbai.

She has also been a part of Honey Singh’s songs such as ‘Paris Ka Trip’, ‘Meri Jaan Khandi Meetha Paan’, ‘Mera Jo Rangdi’, and ‘Meri Jo Rangdi’. She was spotted with Honey Singh at a recent event in Delhi. They were spotted walking hand in hand.

The pictures from the event went viral on the internet. Photos of the two interacting have also been posted on Honey Singh’s social media pages. In December, Honey Singh introduced Tina as his girlfriend at an event in Delhi. He had also shared a romantic video with her.

At the time, the two were seen walking together in their matching black outfits. This came just a few months after Honey Singh and his wife Shalini Talwar divorced.

Nightlife partner

Yo Yo Honey Singh recently walked hand in hand with model Tina Thadani at a Delhi event. The pair have been rumored to be romantically involved. They have ruled the internet with their chemistry.

The duo was seen in a video from Delhi where they shared a conversation with each other. During the event, they were wearing matching black outfits. They even looked at each other as they walked.

Honey Singh says that his life changed after meeting Tina Thadani. She gave him the name “Honey 3.0”. He also said that they are working on an album together. His latest song ‘Paris Ka Trip’ features both of them.

The video has received criticism from netizens. However, Honey Singh is happy with his new relationship. This comes three months after his divorce from Shalini Talwar. Tina Thadani is an actress and model from Canada. She has worked in films like Anaarkali and The Mole. In her most recent song, she appeared with Honey Singh.

Divorce from ex-wife

Tina Thadani is a model, actress, and director. She is a good friend of Honey Singh and was recently featured in his song Paris Ka Trip. Tina and Honey were seen walking hand in hand at an event in Delhi. A video of the two in action went viral. While Tina was wearing a black bodycon dress, Honey was wearing a black suit. They had PDAs, raised eyebrows, and even planted a kiss on each other’s noses.

Tina is a popular model and appeared in a music video by Yo Yo Honey Singh. The two are rumored to be dating. After being divorced from her husband Shalini Talwar, Tina reportedly began a new relationship with Honey Singh. It is believed that they have been dating for a few months. Earlier this year, Tina was spotted carrying a Balenciaga bag. It is also said that they have been spending a lot of time together. Recently, Tina reacted to a picture of her with Honey by posting pink heart emojis.

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