Top 5 Insights From Apple’s Human Interface Design Guidelines

Let us take a glance at the top 5 iOS human interface design guidelines that can be super beneficial to your iOS app development process.

Human Interface Design Guidelines: There is no denial of the fact that iOS is the best platform to provide a smooth user experience. In the development market, iOS is the most popular landscape to develop a business application. Along with the large pool of resources available, you get to handpick, select, and finalize all kinds of designs and theme resources you want for your iOS app development as per your expertise on scope and budget. All in all, we know that any application supported by iOS app development will provide an appealing and easy-to-use functionality, making your business application a winner in the market.

However, any successful development process requires familiarity with the operating system’s guidelines. One would require the technical expertise of a reliable iOS app development agency to come up with an approachable application. But it’s equally essential for you to understand and implement the iOS guidelines as well.

Therefore, In this article, we will talk about the very crucial aspect of any application when presented to the user: the design element. Here, we have the most noteworthy takeaways from the iOS design standards laid out for you to execute a presentable application.

Let us take a glance at the top 5 iOS human interface design guidelines that can be super beneficial to your iOS app development process.

Human Interface Design Guidelines
Human Interface Design Guidelines

Testing your application’s color scheme under various lighting conditions :

According to Apple color guidelines, Lighting varies significantly both outdoors and indoors, based on ambiance, time of day, room, and weather. When seen on computers, colors won’t look the same on the app used by your customer in the real world. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust colors to offer the best possible viewing experience.

A perfect instance of this is the Sleep Cycle app. The app exhibits a calming dark display that makes it soothing to the eyes and ideal for someone setting the alarm. There are good and bad examples of this everywhere. If you notice the Navigation apps, you will see they have minimum touching and reading required. That’s how vital Lighting is for any application.

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Delaying sign-in as long as possible

People very often abandon the apps when they are told to sign in before doing anything important. It’s important to give them a chance to understand your app before they give any commitment to it. If it’s a shopping app, make sure you let them browse your merchandise and only ask to sign in when making a purchase. It is also good to offer multiple sign-up options to make the process seamless. Moreover, try that your application supports Autofill, Facebook login, Google login, and default email + password.


Complying with appearance mode, users choose in settings

If you provide an app-specific appearance mode option, you automatically create more work for your users because then they will have to adjust to more than on set. In an even worse scenario, your users might think your application is broken since it did not respond to their system-wide appearance choice.

Human Interface Design Guidelines
Human Interface Design Guidelines

Showing content as soon as possible

Remember that the launch screen is the screen that introduces the elements on the page. So it’s crucial that you design a launch screen that is almost identical to the first screen of your app. Do not make people wait for your content to load before the screen your users are expecting. Show the screen and use the placeholder text or animations to identify the unavailability of your content. You can further replace the placeholder elements as soon as the content loads.


Taking advantage of the system- provided colors for fills, texts, glyphs, and separators

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iOS will offer you a variety of system colors that will automatically adapt the changes in accessibility settings like “Reduce Transparency” and “Increase Contrast.” These system colors look great, whether individually or in combination in both dark and light modes.

That’s why you do not hard code system color values in your application. During your app design process, the color values provided will be intended for reference. However, the actual color values may fluctuate from specific releases on the basis of a variety of environmental variables. Also, do not forget to use the API to apply system colors for developer guidance.


Wrapping Up

Designing iOS applications can sometimes be challenging; however, finding the right and up-to-date information about all of Apple’s devices is a mandated instance. These design guidelines can help a designer or any iOS app development agency that is building neat things for iOS app development to get started within seconds.


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