Twitter Floods With Images As Blue Bird Logo Changed To ‘Doge’ Image

San Francisco: Twitter President Elon Musk has supplanted the microblogging stage’s notable blue bird logo with the “doge” image of the dogecoin digital currency. The move came as a shock for the vast majority Twitter clients who saw the update and ran to the stage to share it.
In the wake of changing the logo, Elon Musk shared an image where the ‘doge’ image, having the substance of a Kabosu, is found in a vehicle as a cop really takes a look at his driving permit. “That is an old photograph,” the doge image tells the official.

Before long, different clients too produced funny images and jokes on the new update.

This individual had a clever interpretation of the adjustment of Twitter logo.

“Folks, what’s happening with Elon? for what reason is doge the twitter symbol? It’s not even April tricks,” a client composed.

One more utilized the well known “Check me out. I’m the commander now” discourse from Tom Hanks’ 2013 film Chief Philips.

One individual combined the old blue bird and the new doge image logo into one.

“Doge and Twitter are ideal for one another,” a client remarked sharing an innovative.

An image from the Amazon Prime Video web series Mirzapur.

The doge picture, which is presently the new Twitter logo, was made as a joke in 2013. It is the logo of the Dogecoin blockchain and digital money and was intended to deride other digital currencies like Bitcoin.

On February 15, Mr Musk posted a photograph of the Doge image acting like the President for him. “The new President of Twitter is astounding,” he composed.

Soon after Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo, the worth of Dogecoin went up taking its cost to more than $0.10 without precedent for months, as per Forbes. The cryptographic money’s cost flooded by more than 30% in only 30 minutes.

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