Unnakaya: Find The Magnificent Shaft Molded Sweet From North Kerala

It’s not difficult to kick me off on food from the Malabar district in Kerala. Kozhikode is one of my #1 urban areas for food anyplace in India. It was a night bite that set off a captivating discussion. But this discussion occurred in Thiruvananthapuram, at the southern finish of Kerala. I’ve spent many summer school excursions in the Kerala capital, and food was dependably a major piece of those get-aways, particularly snacks at lunch time. There are not many states in India that improve, and in addition to the animating tea we’re discussing. Unnakaya is one of those unbelievable lunch time staples, particularly around Kozhikode and Thalasseri. I digit into these shaft formed marvels at the Iftar feast at the Hyatt Rule Trivandrum, the city’s all-new lavish lodging.

Malabar Bistro is the entire day burger joint at the Hyatt Regime Trivandrum. This eatery exhibits probably the best dishes from across Kerala. The eatery’s Iftar advancement puts the focus on a portion of the dishes from North Kerala. The Unnakaya is one of those sweet treats that are served during Iftar, weddings, and other unique events. There are numerous hypotheses that encompass the beginning and terminology of this dish. Culinary specialist Unni Vivekanandhan, who is one of the neighborhood food specialists at the Hyatt Regime Trivandrum (see recipe), lets me know that Unnakaya itself is gotten from the Arabic word “unnah,” and that signifies “stuffing.” There’s one more form that I heard in Zain’s – one of my #1 eateries in Kozhikode.

A portion of local people in Kozhikode likewise let me know that the tidbit was brought to these shores by Bedouin brokers a long while back. It’s likewise in Kozhikode that I discovered that the Unnakaya could have a Portuguese association. That is the thing about the food of the Mappila Muslims from North Kerala, large numbers of their dishes like the Unnakaya and Mutta Mala have interesting histories. One hypothesis is that the name Unnakaya comes from its actual likeness to silk cotton or kapok seed units. The neighborhood name for these cases is unnakka or unnamurika. I’ve heard different names to allude to this dish, from Unnaka to Kai porichathu to Kai Ada to Unnakaya.
While we can discuss the classification, there’s little contention about how luscious this bite is. The adaptation at the Hyatt Rule Trivandrum remains consistent with the rendition I’ve attempted in Kozhikode. It’s basically pounded plantain (generally the Nendran Banana from Kerala that accepted its GI tag in 2015) that is utilized for this tidbit. The squashed banana gets a flavor and surface lift with improved eggs, coconut, grouped nuts, and dried organic products. There’s likewise a sprinkle of cardamom that loans this tidbit its interesting flavor profile. The bite is normally rotisserie in coconut oil; you can likewise utilize refined oil. I’ve attempted inconspicuous varieties across North Kerala; a few forms don’t highlight coconut. Cook Unni Vivekanandhan likewise lets me know how this is a flexible dish. It makes an extraordinary lunch time nibble and can likewise be filled in as a sweet with a bit of frozen yogurt. You can attempt his eggless recipe at home or simply add the Unnakaya to your rundown of must-attempt dishes when you’re in Kerala:

The most effective method to Make Unnakaya I Simple Unnakaya Recipe:

(Recipe civility – Culinary specialist Unni Vivekanandhan, Hyatt Rule Trivandrum)


  • Ready (Nendran) banana – 01 kg
  • Ground coconut – 200 gm
  • Ghee – 50 ml
  • Green cardamom – 10 gm
  • Raisins – 25 gm
  • Cashew – 50 gm
  • Rice pieces – 100 gm
  • Sugar – 250 gm
  • Refined oil (For broiling) – 500 ml


  1. Heat up the banana, strip off the skin and squash well. Keep to the side.
  2. Heat ghee in griddle and pan fried food cashew nut and raisins alongside coconut and cardamom.
  3. Include sugar along with everything else; mix well.
  4. Add Aval/rice drops/smoothed rice and blend well.
  5. Eliminate from the oven and permit it to cool.
  6. Blend cardamom powder to the combination.
  7. Apply a smidgen of ghee on both the palms.
  8. Partition the squashed bananas into equally estimated little balls.
  9. Make a little lattice in the balls and stuff the blend.
  10. Seal the two closures and make it barrel shaped.
  11. Heat the oil in a skillet and profound fry the bananas till they become brilliant yellow.
  12. Serve hot. (You can add a bit of frozen yogurt.)

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