UP: Son wanted property, daughter wanted to marry lover, both hatched a dreadful conspiracy against father

Agra, 31 March 2021, Updated 2:02 PM IST

Revealing the case of a murder in Agra in Uttar Pradesh, the police have arrested the accused son and daughter in the crime of killing the father. The son wanted the father’s property and the daughter wanted to marry the lover. But the father remained the biggest obstacle in their path. So together, both of them killed the father with the help of their companions.  

The siblings planned together and removed his father Sunil from the road on the night of 26 March. The daughter’s boyfriend and son’s friend also supported him in leading this incident. Together the four brutally beat Sunil Kumar to death. In order to protect themselves, a lawsuit was also filed against the neighbors.

The police arrested four people, including the son and daughter of the deceased, who were involved in the crime, and sent them to jail. Police found out in the investigation that the deceased Sunil Kumar was fulfilling his hobbies by selling property and his children were not liking it at all. It is being told that recently, six bighas of land were traded for Rs. 20 lakhs. On protesting this, Sunil Kumar had a fight with son Anuj and daughter Alpana. 

After this, the deceased’s son and daughter conspired to remove the father from the road. The girl’s lover Sanjesh and his friend Madan Yadav of Surajnagar carried out the incident. Sunil was beheaded by bruising his head with a charpoy. According to the police, after the statement of Asha Devi, the wife of the deceased, there was a report of her son and daughter being involved in the incident. 

SP Crime said that the deceased Sunil was selling his property due to which his son Anuj and daughter had turned against him. To save and grab property, the four accused together committed the crime. The police have arrested the four accused. 



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