US Election 2020 Results Live Updates: Joe Biden says confident of victory over Donald Trump

Updated 05th November 2020 | 11:12 IST

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is inching towards a victory within the US presidential election. With 264 projected body votes, Biden needs just six more to win the race to the White House. Biden is predicted to win the key states of Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, consistent with the Associated Press (AP). He also has a foothold in Nevada, which can give him six more votes to cross the finishing line, but the results are unlikely to return until the weekend.

US President Donald Trump, who is leading the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, currently has 214 electoral votes, consistent with AP’s projected tally. However, what isn’t excellent news for the Trump campaign is that Biden is narrowing the gap in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

In an early morning news conference Wednesday, Trump accused the Biden campaign of fraud and vowed to manoeuvre the US Supreme Court over the results. Despite drawing criticism, Trump’s campaign went ahead to verify it might formally request a Wisconsin recount, citing “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties.” It also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan before the projections were made, laying the groundwork for contesting the result in these key battleground states.

The high stakes election was held against the backdrop of an unprecedented pandemic that has killed quite 2,30,000 Americans and wiped away many jobs. Both candidates spent months pressing dramatically different visions for the nations’ future, and voters responded in huge numbers with quite 100 million people casting votes before polling day.

But the margins were exceedingly tight with the candidates trading wins in battleground states across the country. many votes are yet to be tallied given the overwhelming number of individuals who voted early through mail-in-ballots thanks to the pandemic. Mail-in-ballots favour Biden, who spent months repeatedly telling his supporters to choose advance, while Trump encouraged voters to vote on polling day.

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