US Fly Makes Crisis Arriving In Cuba In the wake of Hitting Birds

Havana, Cuba: A US jetliner taking off from Cuba experienced motor difficulty in the wake of hitting birds and got back to Havana for a crisis arrival on Sunday, Cuban specialists said.
Smoke saturated the lodge of the plane however nobody was harmed in the occurrence including Southwest Aircrafts flight 3923 to Post Lauderdale, Florida, the carrier and the Cuban common avionics authority Cacsa said on its Facebook page.

The Boeing 737 was conveying 147 travelers and a team of six, Southwest Carriers said in an explanation to AFP.

It said birds struck one of the plane’s motors and its nose not long after departure.

“The pilots securely got back to Havana where clients emptied the airplane by means of slides because of smoke in the lodge,” the assertion said.

The voyagers will be placed on one more trip to Stronghold Lauderdale, it added.

Cacsa said a test had been sent off.

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