US Police Department Equip Dog Squad With Sunglasses And Shoes To Beat The Heat

A police department in California, the United States, gave sunglasses and special shoes to its dog unit to help them face extreme heatwave. The photos of dogs wearing the special gear has been posted by Ventura County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook and is winning hearts online.

“Quick reminder with K9 Thor (flaunting his shoes) and Deputy Goldner. Hot temperatures are expected to stick around until Sunday July 17, so as a reminder, do not leave your furry friends in vehicles and be sure to feel the ground before allowing animals outside. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for them,” the police department said in the Facebook post using several hashtags, like #germanshepherd and #protectyourpup.

The video begins with an officer putting shoes on the dog named Thor. Later, the dog is seen wearing the special shoes and sunglasses. Thor is also seen inside a police van with wearing heatwave protective gears.

The police department’s innovative gesture has received hundreds of likes and shares on Facebook. Users have left heartfelt remarks in the comment section.

“Such a handsome hard-working boy. Well protected with his shoes and sun glasses and vest. Be safe out there today,” wrote a user.

Another said, “Man we don’t deserve dogs, Dogs are WAY better than humans, they’re loving & caring, will never leave your side especially police, military & other service dogs, also those glasses are awesome as heck.”

The special shoes are meant to protect the canine unit against the blazing roads and the sunglasses to keep their eyes safe against the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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More than 100 million people in the US are facing excess heatwave conditions, with heat alerts issued for more than 20 states in the last two days. The NWS Weather Prediction Centre said on Wednesday that temperatures will soar above the century mark for 60 million people over the next week.

“Dangerous heat will continue to impact a large portion of the US this week, with now more than 100 million people under excessive heat warnings or heat advisories,” it said on Twitter.

Europe is already battling a similar heatwave with temperature reaching all-time highs in various countries.

Spain’s Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday that 679 people had lost their lives between July 10 and 17. The Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) said that 169 deaths occurred on July 17 alone.

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