US Police Launch Manhunt As Man Dressed Up As Old Woman Escapes After Robbing Bank

Police in Georgia, US, are searching for a man suspected of robbing a bank while dressed up as an elderly woman.

Taking to social media, McDonough Police informed that the incident took place in Henry County, southeast Atlanta, on Monday. The suspect is described as a six-foot-tall slim man, wearing a floral dress, white sneakers, orange latex gloves, a white wig and a dark face mask or neck “gator” at the time of the heist.

As per the caption of the Facebook post, the man hit a Chase Bank in the city of McDonough. He allegedly gave a note to a member of staff demanding to be given money and told the bank teller that he had a gun. After grabbing the money, the suspect left the bank and drove off in a white SUV with no registration tags.

McDonough Police said that the man is still on the run after robbing Chase Bank. They shared the images of the man disguised as an elderly woman. The internet was quick to react to the bizarre occurrence.

One user wrote, “The funny part in all of this is, no one saw his strange getup as ‘ODD’ in any way. Just normal for Atlanta.” Another added, “Thieves will go to any ways and means to steal. Relief that no one was hurt.”

A third user said, “Now you know…. I would have already pushed the panic button before she/ he reached the counter.” “Hoping they find this man real soon. He’s going to do it again and get aggressive,” commented fourth.

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