US Police Shoot 15-Foot-Long Pet Snake That Was Wrapped Around Owner’s Neck

A snake-lover in the United States barely dodged death earlier this week when his 15-foot pet snake wrapped itself around his neck.

According to the Independent, police and paramedics rushed to a home in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, responding to reports of a man in cardiac arrest. Once they arrived at the scene, they discovered the 28-year-old man unconscious on the floor of his home with the snake around his neck. The identity of the man hasn’t been revealed.

Speaking to the outlet, Upper Macungie Township Police lieutenant Peter Nickischer said, “It’s one of those situations where the officers don’t have the time, the liberty to ask a lot of questions.” Mr Nickischer added, “They have to act right away and then it’s a matter of, OK, let’s get this person into the ambulance as soon as possible.

Further, the cops described the snake as “very large and very thick”. They said that the reptile was long enough that its head was far enough away from the man’s body for officers to safely take a shot.

The snake didn’t die immediately and it slithered away. The snake owner, on the other hand, was pulled to safety. The 28-year-old is now in a local hospital getting treatment, the officials informed.

As per the outlet, one of the officers at the scene described the scene as “right out of a horror movie”. The police lieutenant also said that in his 19 years doing police work, he had never seen anything like this.

Mr Nickischer praised the officer who took action and reportedly said that the team went in, saw the opportunity to save a man, and they showed a lot of bravery.

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