US Robot, Russia Fly Crash Over Dark Ocean: What We Know Up to this point

A Russian Sukhoi-27 warrior stream on Tuesday unloaded fuel on an American MQ-9 Collector drone over the Dark Ocean and afterward slammed into it, making the robot crash.
We know up until this point this:
The US military named the Russian fly’s move as “foolish”. “A few times before the impact, the Su-27s unloaded fuel on and flew before the MQ-9 in a careless, earth unstable, and amateurish way,” the US military said.
Russia denied assuming any part in the accident of the robot, which the US expresses was on a normal observation mission. “Because of a sharp move… the MQ-9 automated flying vehicle entered an uncontrolled trip with loss of elevation and crashed into the outer layer of the water,” the Russian Protection Service said.
The US State Division brought Russian Representative Anatoly Antonov for a gathering with Karen Donfried, the associate secretary of state for Europe. “With respect to us, we need no a conflict between the US and Russia,” Mr Antonov said.
White House public safety representative John Kirby said the US “clearly” discredits the Russian’s refusal, adding that the US is attempting to recuperate the fallen robot. “Without diving into an excess of detail, what I can say is that we’ve done whatever it takes to safeguard our values as for that specific robot – – that specific airplane,” Mr Kirby said as cited by CNN.
“We are connecting straightforwardly with the Russians, again at senior levels, to pass serious areas of strength for us on to this risky, amateurish catch, which caused the bringing down of the automated US airplane,” said US State Division representative Ned Cost.

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