Varanasi: sister-in-law taunts her for being impotent, Devar took a terrible step

Varanasi , 31 March 2021, Updated 8:33 AM IST

A murder case has come to light from Varanasi in UP, where the brother-in-law attacked his sister with a sharp-edged weapon and killed her. This incident is said to be on the day of Holi, after the execution of the incident, the accused had escaped from the spot but on Tuesday he went up to the police.

This heart-wrenching incident is from Rahimpur village in Lohta police station area of ​​Varanasi. It is being told that the accused had forbidden the children to burn firecrackers. On this matter, it was so difficult to say in the brother-in-law that the sister-in-law called the childless brother-in-law impotent.  

The woman’s taunt from her brother-in-law Taufiq only increased when the Taufiq was protesting against the burning of firecrackers by children in the house. Then his sister-in-law Taufiq was impotent during the hearing. This matter was so exasperating to Taufiq that he took the weapon lying there and killed his sister-in-law and escaped from there.

After this incident, family members rushed the injured woman to the hospital in a hurry. But by then he had died. On Tuesday, Lohta police came to know about the escape of the accused from the city. The police immediately laid a trap and arrested him near the Kadariya Masjid Harpalpur and also recovered the sharp weapon used in the murder at the behest of the accused Dewar.

District Magistrate Sadar Doctor Rajesh Mishra said that the accused Taufiq had opposed the release of firecrackers by the children. After which she was heard by her sister-in-law Roshan and during this time, she taunted to be exhausted on Taufiq. On which he killed his sister-in-law with a sharp-edged sword in Taufiq. The accused has been arrested and sent to jail. 

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