Varisu vs Thunivu Everything you need to know about grand box office clash between Ajith and Vijay

“ En nabana irukaruthukku endha thaguthiyum venaam, edhiriya irukarathuku thaguthi venum( You do n’t need any eligibility to be my friend, but you do need it if you want to be my foe), ” is a popular dialogue from Ajith’s Billa( 2007). In terms of box office records, Ajith has always had a good opponent – Vijay. Though the two actors have always maintained a cordial relationship in real life, when it comes to the film business, it has always been a war. It’s an ageold miracle in Tamil cinema, where two top stars have always been rassling with each other in terms of fanbase and collections. We had MGR vs Sivaji, also Rajinikanth vs Kamal Haasan, and now, Vijay vs Ajith.

Over the times, Vijay and Ajith have had releases on the same day, and both have had their share of triumphs and losses. In fact, Ajith and Vijay are colliding at the box office for the 13th time. It started way back in 1996 when Vijay’s Coimbatore Mappilai and Ajith’s Vanmanthi were released on that time’s Pongal. And their last fight happed in 2014, when Vijay’s Jilla and Ajith’s Veeram were released for that time’s Pongal. Ajith’s Veeram ended up as the winner, and it has to be seen if Vijay will retaliate it this time.

Screen distribution

But before that bone has to see whether the two flicks have a position playing fieldEver since it was blazoned that Thunivu and Varisu are coming out on the same day, it created a lot of debate about how the defenses will be distributed for the two elephants . With Red Giant pictures coming into the picture as a distributor for both flicks, a pact seems to have been formed. Tiruppur Subramanian, TN Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association President, says, “ There are about 1100 to 1200 defenses in Tamil Nadu, and they will be participated inversely between the two flicks. There will be no unstable distribution in the number of defenses. ”
On the other hand, a source tells us that Thunivu is getting further defenses than Varisu. The source says, “ Wherever Red Giant pictures is distributing both the flicks, they’re getting equal defenses. But there are certain areas where Thunivu is getting further defenses than Varisu, but that won’t produce a huge impactAlsogrounded on the response from the first many dayseffects will get reshuffled. ”

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straits of theatre possessors and distributors
Still, Tiruppur Subramanian isn’t veritably fond of similar box- office clashes of stars. “ This is just a lossBig flicks like these should come out independently that’s when they can realise their eventualityNow, the two will cancel out each other and would only lead to a lose– lose situation. ” Echoing his opinion, the owner of Vetri Theatre, Rakesh Gowthaman, says, “ Imagine, what if Ponniyin Selvan 1 and Vikram had come on the same day? If a film could collect a 2x quantum, it would end up collecting half of it, as the rest of the plutocrat will go to the other film. A great illustration of such acounter-productive clash is Petta vs Viswasam( 2019). Both were really great marketable successes, but if they had come out independently, they would have done more business than what they had done. ”

Rakesh also admits that there are advantages to such a box office clash. “ The flicks are getting released on a long weekend, which will help fill all the seats in theatres, and people will have a choice. But on normal days, two big flicks colliding won’t be a sustainable modelAlso, it should n’t be flicks of two big icons . The ideal situation should be a big idol film coming out with a fairly lower star film. When Beast and KGF 2 were released together last time, on a single day, we gave four shows to Vijay’s film and two shows to KGF 2 because for us Vijay is the bigger star than Yash. still, when Beast entered a bit of an underwhelming response, we inversely participated the shows, which helped both flicks. This is the ideal situation I’m talking about. ”

On the other handexpert patron Dhananjayan calls similar competition a healthy script for theatres and cinema in general. When asked about the forenamed issues of theatres, he says, “ Competition always brings in excitement. Are n’t we all further agitated for the India vs Pakistan justice match? If there’s no equal competition, we aren’t bothered about the game at eachrightSame way, we’ve two icons , who are loved by a lot of people, who are coming out with their separate flicks, which has created a lot ofexcitement.However, only the separate suckers of the stars will be agitatednow the whole assiduity and cinema suckers are staying to see how this will dis out, If only Varisu or Thunivu is getting releasedSo, it’s a healthy competition. ”

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Box office prognostications

Ramesh Bala, the box office shamus , admits that the collection of Varisu and Thunivu might get resolve as the two flicks have the eventuality of putting on a soloshow.However, both the flicks would have earned about Rs 40 to 45 crore on the opening day in Tamil Nadu, but now, “ If they had come out as a solo release. ”

When probed why the makers are reducing the eventuality of the flicks by releasing them on the same day, Ramesh opines, “ It’s because the Pongal leaves are regard in. We’ve about six to seven days of leaves, and I suppose they’re trying to exploit it. Actually, it should n’t be a problem for the flicks. ”

Talking about the weekend collections of both flicks, he says, “ The film is releasing on Wednesday, so you’re looking at a long weekend. I suppose both flicks would cross the Rs 80 to Rs 100 core mark by the end of Sunday. It’s all guesswork only. It all depends on the first– day collection. This kind of clash is ‘ okay ’ only for the jubilee season, and that too only for Pongal. Indeed with Diwali, we wo n’t get such a long weekend. On other days, this kind of clash won’t be good for the cinema business. ”

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