Video: Cruiser Rider’s Endeavor At Wheelie Turns out badly

Vijaynagar: On Saturday, Karnataka police booked two minor young people after they were engaged with a cruiser crash while performing risky tricks on bikes in the Hagaribommanahalli area of Vijayanagar region.
In a video of the episode becoming famous online via web-based entertainment, the teenagers should be visible wheeling on bikes without head protectors. Before long, they lost equilibrium and hit a street divider. The two minor young people experienced minor wounds.

Police have booked an argument against them and have held onto their bike.

Prior in April, the Mumbai police captured a 24-year-elderly person after his video of playing out a hazardous trick on a cruiser with two young ladies became a web sensation via virtual entertainment, an authority said.

The charged has arguments enrolled against him at Antop Slope and Wadala TT police headquarters, he said.

As per police, he was captured under important segments of the Indian Reformatory Code (IPC) including 308 (endeavor to commit at fault manslaughter) and areas of the Engine Vehicles Act, and further examination is in progress.

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