Video: Royal Guard Near Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin Faints, Falls On Face

New Delhi: Dramatic scenes were witnessed in the Palace of Westminster when a guard keeping vigil next to Queen Elizabeth’s coffin collapsed and fell off the podium.
The Queen is lying in state at the Palace of Westminster. She was brought to London yesterday from Balmoral, where she breathed her last on Friday. The body will stay at the Palace of Westminster till the funeral on Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners are queuing up to pay their final respects to the monarch.

The Queen’s coffin has been placed on a raised platform called a catafalque and is being guarded round the clock by units from the Sovereign’s Bodyguard, the Household Division, or Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London, Daily Mail has reported.

The Daily Mail reported that the guard had briefly stepped off the podium shortly before he collapsed before retaking his place.

Visuals showed the man falling forwards and landing on the floor as those gathered to pay respects to the Queen are heard gasping. A video clip of this has now gone viral. The livestream of the ceremony cut out for a few minutes after the fall.

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