Video: Ukraine MP Punches Russian Delegate At Worldwide Meet

A Russian delegate grabbed a Ukraine banner from a legislator of the nation, setting off a one-on-one battle at a global meeting, showed a viral video toward the beginning of today.
The emotional occurrence worked out in Turkey capital Ankara during the 61st Parliamentary Gathering of the Dark Ocean Monetary People group on Thursday, north of 14 months after Russia attacked Ukraine.

Ukrainian Oleksandr Marikovskyi was seen holding his nation’s banner when the unidentified Russian delegate moved toward him, tore his banner and began leaving, the video showed.

The MP gave him a pursuit and came down punches. He was caught by different authorities however after he grabbed the banner back.

Sharing a video of the episode on Facebook, he wrote in Ukrainian: “Paws from our banner.”

Others present at the spot were seen shooting the occurrence.

The eruption in strains between the two fighting countries come a day after Russia guaranteed Ukraine attempted to kill President Vladimir Putin with a robot assault on the Kremlin, an allegation denied by Ukraine.

The Dark Ocean Monetary People group was framed a while back and both Russia and Ukraine are its individuals. It targets “pursuing harmony, dependability and success in the Dark Ocean area.”

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