Vikram, Aaditha Kariakalan of Ponniyin Selvan, travels to Tanjavur; asks Trisha and Karthi to join him

If Aaditha Karikalan was around now, he wouldn’t need Vandiyadevan to pass on his messages across the Chola kingdom (but we wouldn’t have had the novel series that way). He could just tweet out the message like actor Vikram, who is playing Aaditha Karikalan in Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan 1. Chiyaan took to the microblogging site Twitter to announce that like his character Aaditha Karikalan, he will be travelling down to Tanjavur.

Looks like Vikram is still in his character of Karikalan as his tweet reads like it’s from the Chola King. “Okay. I am coming to Tanjavur. Before starting this film journey of hoisting the Tiger flag across all eight directions, one needs the blessings of Peruvudaiyar (deity in Tanjavur temple), right? Kundhavai, are you coming along? Vandiyadevan will come. Won’t you, my friend? Drag Arulmozhi with you.”

சரி. தஞ்சைக்கு வருகிறேன். எட்டு திக்கும் புலிக்கொடி நாட்டும் திரைப்பயணம் தொடங்கும் முன் பெருவுடையாரின் ஆசி வேண்டுமல்லவா?குந்தவை, உடன் வருகிறாயா? வந்தியத்தேவன் வருவான்.என்ன நண்பா,வருவாய் தானே?அப்படியே அந்த அருண்மொழியையும் இழுத்து வா! @Karthi_Offl @actor_jayamravi @trishtrashers pic.twitter.com/6JW2s8cfK8


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Looks like the makers are planning to start Ponniyin Selvan 1’s promotion from Tanjavur, where the predominant portion of the novel is set in. A portion of the story also narrates the string of events that lead to the journey of Karikalan down to Tanjavur from Kanchipuram, a place he is not fond of visiting.

Ponniyin Selvan 1 is the dream project of director Mani Ratnam, who has been trying to make the film for years now. Finally, the film is releasing on September 30. Starring Jayam Ravi, Vikram, Trisha, Aishwarya Rai, Sarathkumar and Karthi in the lead role, the film has music by AR Rahman.

Based on the novel of Amarar Kalki, the movie tells the story of Arulmozhi Varman aka Raja Raja Cholan I’s ascension to power. The immensely popular five-part novel series, spanning about 2200 pages, has been made in two parts. The details about the second part, which has already been shot, are yet to be revealed.

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