Viral Video: Ukrainian Farmers Try To Save Crops From Russian Shelling

A video has appeared on the internet that shows how Ukrainian farmers are trying to protect their crops from heavy Russian shelling. Russia has been pounding Ukraine since February and it has taken a toll on the civilian life in the country. It has also destroyed fields where farmers grow raw material to feed their family and the country.

The clip has been shared by former Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Shaerba on Twitter. “Ukrainian farmers trying to save the harvest after the daily shelling in Mykolaiv,” he wrote in the caption.

The video shows a farmer sitting on a tractor and using a water pipe to suppress the fire caused by Russian shelling, while another man trying to prevent the blaze from spreading. As Russian shelling and missiles set fire to standing crops in several farmlands, farmers had to make urgent attempts to rescue their harvest.

Huge smoke can be seen coming out of the field in the 58-second clip, indicating major crop loss. But farmers are working enthusiastically to rescue their salvage whatever is left.

Since being shared, the clip has accumulated over 65,000 viewers and more than 1,500 likes on Twitter. The video has even numerous comments and re-tweets.

The shelling of a town in eastern Ukraine by Russia on Monday killed six people, according to Kyiv, as EU ministers gathering in Brussels reaffirmed that the pressure of Western sanctions on Moscow was working.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky designated an alternative security head on Monday, after suspending key law enforcement officers late on Sunday.

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