Watch: Astronaut does ‘yoga in weightlessness’; aces this challenging asana in space

"It’s a bit tricky, but with the right poses and some creative freedom you can do it," Samantha Cristoforetti, an European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut wrote on Twitter

Samantha Cristoforetti, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, performed yoga while aboard the International Space Station in zero gravity. As expected, her video, took the internet by surprise. The astronaut, who has been “living and working abroad the space station” according to her Twitter bio, frequently shares glimpses from the ‘Mission Minerva’ she is part of.

“Yoga in weightlessness? Done! It’s a bit tricky, but with the right poses (thanks @CosmicKidsYoga!) and some creative freedom, you can do it. Take a look!” she wrote on Twitter while re-sharing the video.

As part of a kids show called Cosmic Kids, host Jaime Amor could be seen working out with Samantha, who performed some yoga asanas, including Garudasana or the Eagle Pose.

Himalayan Siddha Akshar, founder, Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre called this asana as one of the best exercises to unwind. “When you maintain the stance and concentrate, it helps to improve body awareness and quiet your mind.

He further elucidated that the pose is great for “tight neck and shoulders” as it helps stabilise the neck and shoulders, making it one of the most effective neck pain exercises.

How to do eagle pose?

*Start with Tadasana.
*Lift your left foot up and over the right foot while bending your knees.
*Make sure the left thigh is over the right leg and the right foot is firmly planted on the ground. The toes of your left foot should be pointed down.
*Keep your arms parallel to the ground as you extend them forward.
*Your arms should now be perpendicular to the floor as you cross your right arm across your left and bend your elbows. Make sure your hands are facing each other from the rear.
*Turn the hands slowly so that the palms are facing one another.
*Extend the fingers upward while pressing the palms together.
*Stay in this position for a few breaths while maintaining your sight fixed in one spot.
*Slowly release the hands and bring them down to the side of your body.
*Lift your left leg and place it back on the floor and slowly come back into Tadasana.

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*Who have recently suffered from shoulder, ankle, or knee injuries.
*Those who are obese.
*Those who experience headaches frequently.
*Those with either low or high blood pressure.
*People who experience inner ear issues.
*People who have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, or asthma.
*Third-trimester pregnant ladies.
*If you have a fever, flu, or a cold.

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