Watch: Early finish to Barcelona’s title festivities after Espanyol fans attack pitch

Barcelona players commending the group’s Spanish association title accomplishment on Sunday needed to leave in a rush after Espanyol fans attacked the pitch and began running toward them.

A huge gathering of Espanyol allies from the ultra segment behind one of the objectives bounced onto the field and set out toward the players who were singing and celebrating in the middle.

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Safety officers immediately mediated to protect players and the club’s authorities. A portion of the watchmen stood up to the fans however were pushed back toward the passage. Revolt police needed to remain before the passage’s entry with safeguards to keep the fans from going in.

The allies tossed seats and different items prior to scattering with no different occurrences.

Barcelona mentor Xavi had attempted to bring his players into the storage space even before the fans’ activities.

“It was a snapshot of festivity, rapture, it was typical, however we were not in our home and at one point I felt that it was more conscious on the off chance that we returned into the storage space,” he said.

Espanyol apologized for the episode at the Barcelona derby at the RCDE Arena..

“We ought to continuously denounce viciousness, in all parts of life,” Espanyol mentor Luis García said. “Everything was finished to attempt to hold this back from occurring however it was beyond the realm of possibilities.”

Barcelona dominated the game 4-2 to secure its most memorable association title starting around 2019 with four rounds remaining. The misfortune left Espanyol second-to-endure.

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