WATCH: Goalkeeper Leandro Requena scores from objective kick in Chilean football association

Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena could enter history books subsequent to scoring from an objective kick in the top level football association in Chile. In a game against Colo in Chile, Requena endeavored a significant distance pass in the 77th moment to one of his advances from his own crate with the scoreline perusing 2-0 in support of themselves. However, shockingly, the ball bobbed over the head of Colo goalkeeper Brayan Cortés, who was way out of his line and afterward obviously misconceived the way of the ball.

In a meeting with Radio Bio, Requena conceded that at first when he made the effort, he felt moment disillusionment since he saw two of his partners were plain at the opposite finish of the pitch.

Dynamite Sports Chile noticed that the objective was scored from a distance of 101 meters. The ongoing record for the objective scored from the farthest distance is 96.01 meters, scored by Tom Lord in 2021 during a match between Newport Province and Cheltenham Town in Britain’s fourth level.

The Chilean group said they would apply to have the objective confirmed as the longest reach objective in history by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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