Watch: Lava Eruption Inside A Volcano Captured By Drone

Dramatic footage showing lava bubbling and spewing inside a volcano has reappeared on the internet and is gaining traction. The clip was originally captured by a drone after Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano started erupting with a series of dramatic explosions in March 2021. The volcano went off after 781 years of dormancy and continued over the course of six months. Red bursts were seen flying out of the black pyramid and several locals went close to the volcano to tae pictures.

Among them was Bjorn Steinbekk, a drone photographer. He told Newsweek that the footage was filmed at the end of April 2021 when the chemicals in the lava created a silver texture on the lava and the crater.

The video shows layers of lava bubbling up from inside the Earth and out of the mouth of the Fagradalsfjall volcano. The subsequent frames show the lava changing colour – from bright orange to silver and gray. Then the volcano erupts and the bubble finally bursts, everything is replaced with red-hot lava.

The video captured by Mr Steinbekk had gone viral last year, but he shared some more in March 2022 – a year after the eruption – saying the footage was not previously released.

The eruption took place just 40 kilometres from Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, turning the sky crimson as streams of red lava spewed from the ground.

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