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Watch: Milind Soman used to do this exercise as part of his ‘swimming training 40 years ago’

Milind Soman never ceases to amaze us with his commitment to fitness. In a similar vein, the fitness aficionado recently shared a glimpse of a bodyweight exercise that took him back 40 years — when he used to regularly train to swim.

“Started doing one set of double bar dips every time I see a double bar. Used to do a lot of these, and other bodyweight exercises, as part of my swimming training 40 years ago,” he captioned an Instagram post.

Also called parallel bar dips, the exercise is an advanced variation of the tricep dip on a bench or elevated surface. It helps build upper body strength and work the triceps, chest, shoulders, and arm muscles.

“It’s a great bodyweight exercise to build muscle and strength, and can be done anywhere,” said certified fitness trainer Sameeran Chetia.

What are the contra-indications?

According to Chetia, one should be careful while doing the dips as an incorrect form may lead to injury. It is more of an advanced bodyweight exercise and beginners must perform this under the supervision of a trainer.

Meanwhile, Soman, 56, has also been encouraging everyone to ‘fight lazy’.

“Whatever you want to achieve in life, you’ve got to #fightlazy!”

Further, the supermodel also revealed his “greatest achievement”. “My greatest achievement in life is not fame or fortune or a marathon or the Ironman .. it has been to find and to continue to find 15 minutes for myself every day!” he said.

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