WeWork Announces 10 Days Diwali Vacation to Employees

.As part of its efforts to create a more employee-friendly culture in India, WeWork has announced a 10-day extended break for employees during Diwali. This is in addition to the existing holiday policies for employees, including 20 days of privilege leave, wellness leaves, and impact leaves. The company also plans to offer employees the option to work from home for these 10 days.

10 Days Diwali Vacation

10 Days Diwali Vacation

The 10-day break will start in 2021 for employees in India, as part of the company’s employee-first practices. The company says that the break will allow employees to recharge and spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. Employees are encouraged to switch off during this break, and the company will support employees’ mental health by ensuring that their work-life balance is seamless. In addition, the company hopes employees will take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with friends and family.

This new policy is designed to allow employees to enjoy the festive season with their families. It demonstrates WeWork’s dedication to employees’ mental health. The company is introducing several people-oriented initiatives in India and has already donated 10 lakhs to the Kids for Tigers charity run by the Sanctuary India Foundation.

As employees prepare to celebrate the Diwali holiday. Many offices will be closed to allow employees to spend time with family. WeWork is a leading office space provider. And it is offering its employees an extended 10-day break during the festive season. The break is designed to boost their mental well-being, promote work-life integration, and spread celebratory cheer.

Last month, Meesho announced a similar initiative for its employees. The break is called Reset and Recharge and will last from October 22 to November 1, 2022. Like last year, the initiative aims to help employees disconnect from work and focus on their mental well-being.

WeWork also sent out an email to its employees, quarantining their workspace in Manhattan. After an employee contracted a coronavirus virus. After the employee’s quarantine was lifted, the company tried to help employees who need laptops to work from home. The email also asked employees to share specific technology needs.

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