What Do Intellectuals Reading Into New Twitter Logo: Let’s Have A Look

The whole world knows that the little blue bird has played such a prominent part in countless lives. The intellectuals believe the impact of Twitter is the major reason why the new logo has caused much discussion. Even though the changes themselves are much minor, people are reading the new Twitter logo differently. 

The idea is that the new bird will become the single Twitter icon, rendering the lowercase “t,” the bubbled typefaces, and even the word Twitter largely obsolete.

According to the creative director Doug Bowman, twitter’s new bird grows out of a love for ornithology, design within creative constraints, and simple geometry. This time the professionals targeted three sets of overlapping circles, and these circles of the new Twitter logo go certain on your networks, interests, and ideas. 

On the other hand, the industry has some other views. The New York Times believes that” growing up means a new logo. “As per TechCrunch, a new logo might be an indication that the management under the new CEO is ready to take off. They believe that the new design portrays sharper, improved, and more reliable services. Some of them openly said that this time there was no bloated whale here.  

When we read the thoughts of legends like Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web, we come to know about the streamlined branding approach and self-confidence of Twitter. The editor believes that “Eliminating logotype from the branding entirely is a bold move that assumes the ‘bird’ is a uniquely and instantly recognizable image.,” he writes. “Most of the largest brands still have both a type-driven and symbol-driven aspect to their branding. He also mentioned that Twitter might be looking at other prominent examples like Nike and Apple. After all, no company will make a decision for its downfall; Twitter has created an iconic Twitter logo white of its own. 

You should also read many outlets that have also commented on the list of the rules attached to the use of the new logo. “The bird is the word: Don’t mess with the Twitter logo” is one headline that may help you understand what the management is trying to say. 

Do “use our official, unmodified Twitter bird to represent our brand, make sure the bird faces right (and) allow for at least 150% buffer space around the bird,” we are told, but don’t: “use speech bubbles or words around the bird, rotate or change the direction of the bird, animate the bird, duplicate the bird, change the color of the bird or use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.” 

If you think about the Twitter logo download, we would like to know your strategies or modes of using it. Feel free to reach out whenever you want; your views and reviews will precisely increase our interest in this Twitter campaign. 

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