When Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared his workout philosophy: ‘These two hours are for me’

Dwayne Johnson’s workouts are just as inspiring to fitness enthusiasts, as his cheat meals are surprising. Safe to say, given his high octane fitness regimen, those cheat meals, which consist of the most exquisite pancakes, sushis, burgers, and more, are well earned. And there’s no secret to his fitness mantra — it’s simply consistency and perseverance, as The Rock shared in one of his Instagram post.

Often taking to social media to share his workouts and cheat meals, his words are inspiring to both — those who are starting out on their fitness journey as well as those who have been at it for long but are lacking motivation. In his post, The Rock shared the philosophy that keeps him going in the gym, writing, “Art of Disruption. Late night back training in the #ironparadise where the midnight sun always burns 😊💪🏾”.

He added that the time in the gym is his me-time: “Out of my 24hrs a day, I always try and allocate 2hrs for my training. (physical + mental) These two hours are for me. Only me. I can disengage and disconnect with the world. Anchor and recenter myself. Then push through pain barriers, disrupt and have an amazing workout.”

However, Johnson also adds that exercise needn’t be the ‘anchor’ for everyone: “Your anchor doesn’t need to be as intense as the gym. But the philosophy here is finding your anchor and protecting it.”

The former professional wrestler advised allocating an hour or two of the day to “disengage from the world and recenter yourself. The daily discipline and consistency here is what creates the mentality that will impact all areas of your life.” He concluded by writing, “Find and protect your anchor. Then disrupt. Then crush your cheat meals 🥰”.

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